We are a proud registered business and educational service since 2004. Many of our tutors have decades of professional experience in schools and other educational settings as teachers and as home tutors. Each one of our tutors can claim credit for their students' excellent results achieved under exacerbating COVID19 conditions in 2021. While 2010 has been our most successful year, our students almost matched with oustanding performances in 2021.  We are already preparing for star performers in 2022. In order to achieve our goals we maintain a superlative service by choosing our tutors carefully.

Our staff have excellent qualifications with Agnes, our Managing Director and leader, in possession of three degrees, a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from Melbourne University, a Master of Education (Special/Gifted) from Sydney University, and in July 2020 she completed her Master of Journalism (Hons.) at Melbourne University. Well done Agnes!


Most of our tutors have VIT registration and all of them have current Working with Children Check as required.


We all know that the best qualifications are a bonus, but to be a wonderful tutor requires a whole lot more. Our tutors have a wealth of experience in their field and can offer your family the most dedicated tuition possible to enable your son or daughter to achieve their desired goals in a positive learning environment.

We provide every student with a learning program that caters to their individual needs. Our caring team treats each student as an individual and their personal situation is managed with sensitivity and confidentiality. If your child has a specific interest in, difficulty with, or unique style of learning that affects their progress, we would like to be informed. We are an inventive group intent on enhancing your child’s learning experience, so please advise us of his or her individual needs.

As a group of skilled educators we are there for you and your child from the first day of the academic year; for 'Headstart' if you wish; or during Term as needs arise.

When we meet you and you choose A+ A Tutorials, we become a committed part of your family for the year. Your child’s success is vital to us. To know more, please email Agnes at a_plus_a_tutorials@bigpond.com. 


Additional respected and treasured values, our own unique history that make us who we are today can be viewed here. Agnes' unpublished works: SAINTLY LOVE can be found among TODAY'S SAINTERS; THE GAME OF LIFE and MILK BAR are in the safe keeping of the club's longest serving captain; PAWS UNDER PRESSURE helps Mrs T deal with Tanya's PTSD; and ICONS OF ACLAND celebrates a multicultural Australia. Click on the relevant photo. x+

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Contact us on mobile: 0431 283 999 or email at: a_plus_a_tutorials@bigpond.com