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Just some of the communications we receive from our families and students regarding tutors, tuition, exam preparation and results.


It was with very much regret and sadness that Courtney had her last session today with Agnes, Courtney will sit her final exam on Thursday.


We were blessed the day you placed Courtney with Agnes, apart from the wealth of knowledge and confidence she has passed on to Courtney, Agnes has become a special person in our life. We as a family will miss our Sunday afternoons with her. Once again thank you we are glad that we were lucky enough to have Agnes help Courtney.

Warm regards,

Cheryl, Newport


Thank you for your help with my English studies. I felt that I improved in English and found the subject much easier to tackle with your assistance and guidance.

I benefitted greatly from your constructive criticism of my essays. I feel that I would not have been able to achieve the 43 study score for English if it wasn’t for your tutoring.

Furthermore, because of the significance of English in the VCE ENTER system, I am sure that my ENTER of 99.15 would have been much harder to achieve without your input.

Finally, Helen, I would like to acknowledge that you had a hand in my acceptance into the University of Melbourne for the Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery course.

Studying medicine has always been my aim and now I have that opportunity.

All in all, thank you very much for your role in my studies during my VCE.

Mayrav, Caulfield


I just wanted to express my thanks for sourcing a great Year 12 Biology tutor for my son Daniel. Ian has been very thorough, enthusiastic and on time. He has supplied Daniel with great resources and instilled a sense of calm prior to exams.


Thank you,

Helen, Berwick


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to A+  A Tutorials for arranging a tutor for our son in VCE English. His VCE results were excellent and his achievements in VCE 3 & 4 were well above expectations.


We were very impressed with the tutor’s dedicated and professional approach. Her excellent interpersonal skills were very important as she worked with our son during some very difficult and challenging times.

We can without hesitation highly recommend A+  A Tutorials.

Simmone, Camberwell


Thanks for being such a great tutor for year 12 Legal Studies. I have thoroughly enjoyed your engaging and interesting sessions.

You are a truly dedicated tutor.

Tom, Glen Waverley


My tutor had an in depth knowledge of the texts I was studying. She would give me exercises to do between tutorials to help me learn the required skills and after reading my work gave me constructive guidance on how to improve.

My study score was 40, which I would not have been able to achieve without her help.

Florence, East Brighton

Thanks to Lindsay I’ve received excellent marks in French for the oral, written and reading components. I’ve been able to achieve 20/20 in several assessment tasks and it has been a pleasure to be tutored so well by him.

Olivia, Sunbury

I am so grateful for the work of Agnes over my year 12 during 2010; my writing style and the content of my essays improved dramatically, and I owe it all to the hard work of A+ A Tutorials. I have been particularly impressed with the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication I have been shown, and the constant stimulus given to me. I was able to develop with Agnes’ help. I would recommend A+ A Tutorials to anyone needing help during their VCE.

Marissa, South Melbourne

The tutoring I received from A Plus A Tutorials undoubtedly resulted in me achieving my full potential. Through maintaining strong channels of communication as well as constant correction of my work, I was able to utilise the knowledge and experience of my tutor and quickly build and consolidate my growing knowledge. In achieving a perfect score for English and Business Management, for both of which I received tutoring from A Plus A Tutorials, the dedication and quality of the tutoring was essential to my success.

Ian, St. Kilda

We are delighted. Our son, A, has been offered a position at his favourite school. Before he learned to ‘work smart’, his marks in English ranged from C+ to B. On joining you, his marks improved gradually to an A average. A has only been in this country for four years and with A+  A Tutorials’ help he managed to get in to the top 5% of the (school) entrance examination and gain a scholarship.

Thank you! 
M. A, Brighton.

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