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Tutors Code of Conduct:

Tutors will demonstrate their ability to:

Achieve the best possible outcome for each student.

Assess each student’s needs.

Develop tutoring programs, in consultation with each student and their family.

Implement a tutoring program for each student.

Monitor student understanding and progress and provide progressive reports to the


Tutors will:

Treat each student with courtesy, respect, and empathy in a non-judgmental manner, recognising each

student’s unique qualities and abilities, differing needs, and circumstances.

Ensure all information provided to students is accurate, up to date: (in keeping with VCAA/ACARA guidelines

and the individual school’s curriculum requirements), and easy to understand.

Keep the relationship professional.

Acknowledge their own competency and limits and, at the tutor’s own discretion, where necessary,

refer students via A+  A Tutorials to others who have more appropriate specialised knowledge

and skills. Where a conflict of interest applies which might influence the relationship between the tutor

and student, the tutor will report to us immediately and discuss how the conflict may be resolved, and

resolve the matter, before recommencing tutorial duties.

Expect to tutor students in an environment that is conducive to learning with a parent/carer present during tutoring 

session(s) if tuition is undertaken at the student's home.

Ensure that any information kept on a student should:

*be collected with the knowledge and consent of the student and his/her family

*never be used for any purpose other than the purpose for which the information was collected

*be stored securely

Approach their tutoring in a professional, business-like manner, being punctual, courteous,

and dressing appropriately.

Demonstrate a commitment to the principles of Equal Opportunity for students.

Pay their own tax and keep financial records for their tutoring in a format that would be acceptable to the ATO.

Demonstrate their ability to provide a service on a cost-effective basis, whilst also providing value for money.


Fee Schedule effective 17th January 2024


Tuition Fees:

Year K to Year 10              (per week)                      $80.00  (or by negotiation) Teachers/Ph.Ds or $60.00 for Undergraduates

VCE                                      (per week)                      $100.00 (or by negotiation) Teachers/Ph.Ds or $80.00 for Undergraduates

Intensive Projects                                                      Advance payment at the discretion of management

Cancellation Fee              (per week missed)       $100.00/$80/$60 as dependent on the above fees

Cancellation fee of FULL WEEKLY PAYMENT applies if there is less than 48 hours prior notice given by the family for the cancellation of the scheduled appointment.


A+ A Tutorials reserves the right to a NO REFUND POLICY. If a Tutor is booked for the Term and cancelled without adequate consideration for all parties involved, NO REFUND applies. 

Booking and Referral Fees:

Family                                (one payment PER subject)  $80.00. This fee applies for each subject booked.

                                                                                                   (discretion applies in the case of one Tutor who tutors more than one subject)

Tutor                                  (one payment or 20%)           $300.00 commission.  This fee is payable once only after the fourth lesson for each new student.  If a                                                                                                                      student is ongoing from the previous year, this annual one-off fee also applies.  If a student is not ongoing 

                                                                                                  after the first, second, third, or fourth lesson, a 20 percent commission is payable from the Tutor to A+  A

                                                                                                  Tutorials for the hour(s) tutored.

While FEV Tutors work with us to offer one pathway to success, our Tutors offer you several other innovative ways to assist your learning.  

Contact us on mobile: 0431 283 999 or email at:

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